10 Jan

  • By lukeb


Bright Stars

Bright Stars is one of the most important events of the year as it is the one event where students get recognised for all the hard work that they have put into school.

We then had the privilege of hearing the story from our guest speaker, Mala Tribich. This included her own story of survival of the holocaust –a reminder of what struggles humans have to put up with.

This incredible speech was then followed by a short break.

Mr Wiltshire gave out the bright stars awards, where the students got the awards for ‘making the most progress in their grades in one year’ or ‘contributing well to school life’ or even just ‘being humble and getting on with their work’. Each person receiving one of these awards was presented with a glass star on a stand with the reason for their award inscribed on a silver plaque on the star. The Oneschool awards then followed this, where only two people from each key stage get an award – and even then, only one person from each key stage gets Gold – the most superior award which can be received on bright stars. These lucky people get loaded with cash as a reward for their efforts so it’s not an easy award to get.