12 Mar

  • By lukeb


On the 24th of January year 3 and 4 went to Butser Ancient Farm for a school trip. Butser is mainly a Stone Age settlement. First we went to one of the houses (the houses were remade) and looked around the house. The doorway was very low, they think that is because they were quite small people, there were two tiny beds, and they think that people sat up in bed. There were rugs of animal skins that they would have sat on, a fire was in the middle to keep us warm like the Stone Age people would. We looked at remade Stone Age tools, toys to play with, we looked at bones for axes, wooden hammers and things engraved on heavy stones. Next we went outside, first we talked about how one of the trees branches were cut off then more would branches will grow off it. Then we all got some long branches of a tree in groups then we weaved the sticks like the Stone Age people did to make fences. After lunch we tried to make string for clothes with sheep’s wool. We looked around all the other houses, one house had a weaving loom, one house had a proper bed with animal skins, and we looked at wood storage. We did an archeological dig we found tools, lanterns and mainly things we weren’t looking for. Towards the end of the day we made Stone Age jewelry.

By Brittany