08 Nov

  • By lukeb

The day finally arrived and the SDL area has been officially opened by Mr Matt Collins.

It was a wonderful event, primarily organised by our JETS. The happy buzz of parents and grandparents filled the hall as they eagerly awaited the Victorian Children of Year 5 and 6 and they were not disappointed. Dressed in their Victorian outfits, they sang beautifully to their captive audience about Lowry, whom they have been recently studying. They then went on to perform a small play about how Dr Barnardos started his work looking after “Street Children”. Sadly, his work continues today because there are still so many children around the world living on the streets, through wars, unrest, natural disasters and persecution.

The morning continued with Mr Collins talking to the community about what SDL is and how parents and grandparents can support our pupils in this concept.

After a quick drink and cake the guests headed into the SDL area for the main event. Our JETS addressed us on their roles and then the cutting of the ribbon happened, Mr Collins was aided by Kynan Roy and the area was declared open.

The idea of the event was not only to thank the parents who helped with the manual side of the refurbishment but to also thank those who kindly donated money and furniture to help make it possible.

Special thanks to Mrs Dawn Gulley, Sylvia Parsons and Ingrid who helped the JETS especially with the refreshments.


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