11 May

  • By lukeb

We were fortunate to have in school two PCSO’s this week!

Suzie Carr and Victoria Lendrum, who explained to us, all about the fantastic work they do and had an extensive Q&A session with the children. It was very interesting and informative and we really appreciated their time.

Here are some of the facts we learned!

  • You ring 999 for an emergency and 101 for all other non life threatening crimes. Such a s theft, nuisance neighbours, anti –social behaviour and graffiti.
  • PCSOs wear a stab proof vest, carry a radio and wear a body camera if needed. They always carry a notebook where they record evidence which is often used in a court of law.
  • Qualifications required to be a police officer are :- 5 GCSEs inc English and maths 3 A Levels CKP—certificate of knowledge in policing However you can do a degree in policing.
  • Sometimes the police use Alsatian and Springer Spaniel dogs to help them with their policing. For instance sniffing for drugs.
  • Fingerprints and DNA are great sources of evidence. No two peoples fingerprints are the same not even identical twins!

Vicky and Suzie assured us that we live in a very safe part of the country and we thank them for taking the time out to pay us a visit and help us get to know them!