30 Sep

  • By lukeb

The interviews have been held, the votes have been counted and the results are in! Excitement filled the primary school on election day as the children eagerly awaited the results to know who would be the JETS and who would be the school council representatives. Mr Parsons who sat on the panel of interviewers said, “The pupils all interviewed extremely well and it was outstanding to see all year groups working so well together.” Ingrid and Hettie the JETS from senior school organised the event perfectly and the staff and children at Reading Primary would like to give them ‘One Clap’ to show their appreciation.


The Results!

JETS Wellbeing and Support—Rioghna Gulley

Enriching and Learning– Chelsea Greenfield

Enterprise and Charity— Brad Parsons Information

Technology– Sam Woolgar


School Council

Year 3— Derry Lawrence & Kyla Silcock

Year 4– Levi Hearn & Brittany Woolgar

Year 5—Arnie Markham & Elsa Batts