23 Feb

  • By Duane

Year 5 and 6 went on an educational visit to London to the Natural History Museum.  They paid particular attention to the exhibitions on volcanoes and earthquakes.  They had the opportunity to see their learning in action through the displays and exhibits and extended their learning through investigating topics such as gems and jewels that are made through the effect of great temperature and pressure on elements.  The children were delighted to attend a lecture about the earth’s plates and relished the opportunity to give good answers to difficult questions and learn about their next topic.  [see photo 2848 – moving Techtronic plates to show how earthquakes occur,   2843 – Lincoln, using custard powder, showing how the Earth’s mantle helps move the plates of the Earth and 2840 – standing next to large Blue Whale.

imgp2840 imgp2843 imgp2848