08 Jan

  • By lukeb

ARK Trout in school enables children to raise brown trout from tiny eggs to little fish, ready for release into the River Kennet. During the project, our children will learn about river ecosystems, the life cycle of brown trout, and the importance of a healthy environment for wildlife. The River Kennet should be a crystal clear, fast flowing chalk stream. However pressures from abstraction, pollution and urbanisation have left it slow-flowing and litter-strewn, particularly in towns. As a result the river is undervalued as a natural resource and often neglected. By having the trout in school the children are able to engage with the river in a hands-on way. They care for eggs and young trout in specially adapted aquariums and have to pay great attention to water quality and temperature to be successful. This gives them a clear understanding of the importance of clean, fast flowing water in the river. They visit the river to learn about the fishes’ natural habitat and once their baby fish are released into the river, the children are more likely to care for the river. This project will bring about greater care for the River Kennet, a better understanding of the values of water as a resource, and an increased interest in wildlife. We hope to see a new generation of children who use water wisely, understanding that it is a limited resource: who care for their river and don’t use it to dispose litter and effluents and who value the wildlife in their local landscape.