28 Jan

  • By lukeb

Today we went to Ufton Court on an educational visit!

  1. We went to Upton Court via coach.
  2. From there we went into a big barn and there we left our bags and luggage.
  3. Next, our instructors for the day came and told us what we were going to do.
  4. After our little pep talk, they split us into two groups; half of us went with the man and half of us went with the lady.
  5. After splitting up, the lady and her children went and did some Anglo-Saxon and Viking games. The man and his children went into an Anglo-Saxon house. After finishing these, we swapped activities.
  6. Then, we had lunch.
  7. After a while, we started on the most exciting part of the day; the battles in the afternoon.
  8. After the battles we went back to school on the coach where our parents collected us.


Here is a little bit of information about the battles.

For every battle you either had an axe or a shield depending on what army you were in. The children who had been with the man before lunch were the Anglo-Saxons and the children who went with the lady were the Vikings. The Anglo-Saxons were under orders of the lady and the Vikings were under order of the man. In the middle of the battles we swapped weapons as you will see below.